Kelly does amazing work.... Being post breast cancer I have had the opportunity to experience Reiki at the cancer center. what a difference it makes in my life.

Sheryl E.

Kelly is so calming. And I love the peace she sends out.

Bridget G.

Peaceful, healing, life changing energy work shared straight from the heart, so powerful and full of Light. I highly recommend Kelly to bring prace and Joy to your mind, body and spirit! She is a true Lightworker with a gift from the universe. Blessed to know her!

Maria F.

Just meeting and talking to Kelly will bring you peace and slow down your brain. Allow her to take care of you and start noticing wonderful changes her sessions bring.

Elena O.

Kelly is a wonderful sweet caring person who truly seeks to help others find healing beyond the symptoms. Janet G.

Kelly is a very kind lady and she makes you feel so comfortable! She definitely knows what she is doing and is great at what she does! 10/10 would recommend and go back again!

Livia S.

It was an awesome time with a beautiful group of ladies!! I was honored to be invited to such an event and look forward to more!! It was invigorating and eye opening!! Just simply an amazing time doing something different and fun!!

Julianne C.

God sure knew his stuff when picking his Angels. I have attended a few of Kelly's healing workshops and have always left lighter. There was a validation of feelings for everyone. I would highly recommend attending a workshop or schedule a Reiki session.

Beth M.

I did this for the first time a couple weeks ago, was a little stressed about money and work that was getting in the way of somethings… did this and "WOW" felt 100% better and seeing the changes one day at a time. Highly recommend this! Rich N.

After the death of my youngest brother and some prodding from my wife, I went to see Kelly. She spent time just talking to me and letting me vent to her which I would never do with anyone not even my wife most times. After our talk and healing exercises, I felt a calm I hadn't felt in a very long time. I plan on seeing her again to improve upon myself. Thanks Kelly.

Chris B.

I'm the type of person that doesn't go outside of my comfort zone. I have to say as much as I was against the idea of this.....Oh MY!!! Kelly is such a wonderful person! I immediately felt like I was in my comfort zone!! I'll never forget my 1st experience with her. I highly recommend Kelly!!! You will feel at peace just by talking to her.

Lori P.

I live in the Rochester, NY area, and have traveled to go to her retreats, and holistic healing. Kelly is a wonderful person and makes you feel, immediately, calm and at peace in her presence. She is warm and compassionate, which is something that is increasingly lacking in the traditional healing world. I highly recommend her services.

Lin A.